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The common misconception with plantation shutters are that they will let a huge amount of light in through the slats and the framework. Let us tell you why this is wrong! Plantation shutters are one of the best and most stylish window coverings out there. We offer a range and variety of plantation shutters, each with different characteristics and offer certain benefits. We do say that plantation shutters will block out a huge amount of light coming through the window, which is a much better option than other methods.

Do Plantation Shutters Provide Better Light Control Than Curtains or Blinds?

Plantation shutters are one of the best ways to control light in a room and can create a dark environment when they are fully closed. They offer more effect light closure than curtains, blinds or Venetian blinds. It’s important to remember that if you are truly after a room with no light then the best way to achieve that is to have a room with no windows or doors. That will provide the best black out environment. When choosing your plantation shutter, it’s important to know that with a larger slat, you can flood a room with light when opened in the day, while also preventing most of the light from getting in when closed. Unlike curtains and blinds, plantation shutters are built into the frame of the window which will reduce the amount of light that can escape through the edges.

How to Achieve Total Darkness 

Being able to achieve total darkness in your room may be a big requirement for some. Especially if you work shifts or have recently had a baby, we know how precious your sleep can be, that’s why we recommend a combination of plantation shutters and a black out blind. Having a blind between the window and your plantation shutters can help to make sure your room gets as little light as possible. If you do opt for this combination then we would advise choosing white plantation shutters, as darker shutters can cause the room to feel smaller and gloomier than it actually is. This is worth taking into consideration for when you have the blinds open, especially if the room is already filled with dark colours.     


Cheshire Plantation Shutters 

Plantation shutters work great by letting light in and keeping light out to provide you with the perfect light for your home. We at Cheshire Plantation Shutters offer a huge range of plantation shutters in different designs, materials and colours. If you have any questions about our shutters or the installation service that we provide or any other enquiry, you can get in contact with us today. Call us on 08009174083 or see our contact page.