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Cheshire Plantation Shutters FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been supplying and installing shutters?
Our very first shutter was installed in 1998 and since then we have installed thousands across Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Manchester, Lancashire and the North West of England.

Can you quote me over the phone?
Yes, this is probably the most popular way of quoting for shutters. All you need to do is measure the width and drop of each window under consideration in either inches or millimetres and phone the sizes through. We will then calculate some prices for you and call you back or alternatively we can do the same via email.

Do you offer advice on the design of my shutters?
Yes, our fully trained staff will show you the various options available including the finer details enabling you to design the shutters to suit your requirements.

What size of louvre would you recommend?
We have installed very small shutters with large louvres and large shutters with small louvres and they look equally impressive. It doesn’t necessarily depend on the size of window but more on the style of the property and what look you are trying to achieve.

How many panels should I have on my shutters?
This is usually determined by the design of the window eg. If your window has two panes of glass separated by a central mullion we would normally recommend either two wide panels or four narrow panels depending on how often you intended to open the shutter panels. Similarly if your window has a transom running across it you could opt for tier-on-tier shutters whereby the top panels open separately to the bottom panels with the join measured to match up to the exact position of the transom. On this window you could also have a full height shutter with a fixed midrail positioned at the transom height allowing you to open the top louvres independently to those on the bottom.

Must I have the tilt rod in the centre of each panel?
No, there are three options available for the position of your tilt rod. You can have centre rods, off-centre rods where the rod is positioned on the side to which the panels open or hidden rods where the mechanism is hidden within the stiles of the shutter producing a minimalist, uncluttered look.

Can you tell me about the quality of your shutters?
Our shutters are made with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as that used in the production of fine wood furniture. Each component of every panel is custom designed for optimal appearance, function, and fit. All wood is kiln-dried and water-sealed for moisture control preventing the likelihood of warping/twisting. Our shutters are manufactured using mortise and tenon joints. This provides every shutter with a more secure construction preventing paint cracking at the joints and preventing any movement in the panel over time. The louvres are attached to the tilt rod with non-corroding, glue-coated staples. All shutters have an advanced louvre tension system which allows you to have full control of how loose or tight you want the louvres to be. All precision tools and machinery that are used to make our shutters are calibrated and adjusted at frequent intervals to assure that tolerances are correct and each component part of every shutter fits exactly. Quality control inspections are made at each assembly point (after cutting and trimming the wood, before painting/staining, before assembly and a final inspection before packing). All our shutters are sanded a total of 6 times to achieve a quality finish. Our stained shutters are sanded, hand dipped, hand rubbed, sealed, sanded, and protected with two clear top coats (including a UV protector to eliminate fading). Our painted shutters are sealed, sanded, primed, re-sanded, and covered with two satin finish top coats and two coats of UV paint. Our shutters are allowed to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before further handling. Finally, individual shutters are assembled into complete units with all hardware and frames attached. This ensures complete reassurance that the shutters will fit your windows or doors perfectly. Following the final inspection, shutters are wrapped in cellophane to protect the finish and carefully packed with foam into reinforced cartons for shipping.

Do your shutters come with a guarantee?
Yes, our shutters carry a three year manufacturing and installation guarantee.

What happens if I have a problem with my shutters after the guarantee period?
This scenario has only occurred a handful of times since we started. We can usually repair any problems depending on the extent of the damage and how it was caused.

What details should I check before requesting a survey?
Basically that your windows are finished so that the shape/dimensions will not alter between measuring and returning for installation. This usually includes plastering/papering around the window, sills and flooring in place, all tiling completed and dado/picture rails in place.

Can I fit the shutters myself?
Yes you can. Although we install the majority of shutters we supply, we also offer a measure and supply service where we take responsibility for measuring the shutters for you to collect. We are always on the end of the phone if you have any queries whilst fitting them.

How eco friendly are your shutters?
The materials used to manufacture our shutters are sourced from well managed forests and therefore do not impact on the environment. If you would like further information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you make shutters for an odd shaped window?
We can manufacture shutters for almost any shaped window. Whether you have an arched, triangular, hexagonal or circular shaped window, shutters tend to emphasize the unique shape of the window.

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Experienced & fully trained

Welcome to Cheshire Plantation Shutters, a family business established in 1998. Since supplying our first shutter we have accumulated considerable experience in the shutters business throughout Cheshire, Manchester and the North West of England.

Our shutters are crafted by the world’s largest shutters manufacturer who offers a fantastic range of high quality natural and engineered timbers together with a host of optional features which enable our fully trained staff to customise each shutter to meet your precise requirements.

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Request a survey

Please complete the form on the right with your details and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit with samples.

Alternatively, if you are looking for guide prices please contact us with the approximate width and drop of each window and your postcode.

This information will not be passed on to any third parties outside our network.

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Come & see us at our showroom

We have full size working models of our entire shutter range in our showroom, please do not hesitate to call in.

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Our plantation shutter Guarantee

All products are guaranteed against warping and defects of workmanship & colour fading for 5 years.

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