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How do I paint my vinyl or plastic shutter?

Is your plastic or vinyl shutter in need of a retouch, but you have concerns about the process? I’ll be pleased to tell you that simply put, it is entirely possible to paint plastic and vinyl shutters. The action of painting the shutters will vary, based on whether the shutters are new or aging. The process may also vary based on any manufacturer instructions and requirements. This will be paramount with the removal of shutters, if necessary. 


First things first clean the shutters

Those who choose to paint older plastic and vinyl shutters can do so after cleansing any mildew and mold. This can be done with a mixture of bleach and water, created through one part bleach and four parts water, dispensed through a spray bottle and rinsed away with water from a hose. The next step will be to use detergent and water to scrub any chalking or dirt still present after bleaching the shutters, rinsing again with hose water to complete the process, once the shutter has been allowed the time to completely dry before painting. For a better finish to the end result, removing older paint may be a process you’d like to take. Lacquer thinner can be used, once applied to a rag and used in a scrubbing motion. This process should be followed if the painter is seeking a lighter shade of the previous colour of the shutter.


What type of paint to use

To paint plastic and vinyl shutters, be sure to use an exterior, acrylic latex paint of high quality, or a paint made specifically for plastic. Though, not essential, a beneficial option would be to prime the shutters with latex primer before applying acrylic latex paint. This can increase adhesion and allow better coverage for the finishing layer or coat. Krylon Fusion paint can also be used for plastic and vinyl shutters and is created to already adhere to plastic, so priming the shutter will not be necessary. Krylon and Rustoleum paints can also be used in a spray painting method, spraying evenly onto the shutter in light layers and being left to dry in between coats, just like any other painting process.


What if I want to paint my plastic or vinyl shutters a darker colour?

Painting plastic and vinyl shutters darker than their original colour should be avoided, as this can allow the surface to absorb more heat and may cause warping, a form of bending in the metal, disfiguring the shutters previous shape.

If you’re thinking about painting your plastic and vinyl shutters, but aren’t quite sure where to start, we at Cheshire Plantation Shutters can help. Don’t forget, we offer a huge range of plantation shutters in different designs, materials and colours. If you have any questions about our shutters or the installation service that we provide or any other enquiry, you can get in contact with us today. Call us on 08009174083 or see our contact page.